About Us

Why choose Captured Moments Photography, Senior XVii?

1. Simple - We Know What We are Doing!

We know how to use posing and lighting to make you look amazing! We know how to choose your clothing to work with the backgrounds and put the focus on YOU! We know how to use digital artistry to create rich, warm skin tones and make you look flawless, not plastic and fake.

2. Because It's All About You!

Your personal consultation with your photographer is to ensure that your images reflect who you are as an individual. At the end of the day, your images should make a statement about who you are and who you wanna be. That's why we are always reinventing our Senior XVii division of the studio. We want to draw out and capture what is unique and amazing about your personality.

3. We've Got What You Want!

We have countless backgrounds to match any outfit and style. Our props are designed to accentuate you, not take the focus off of you. We KNOW the best locations in town and many are exclusive to our studio. The Couture images are only available in our studio and have been nationally recognized for their excellence. We have everything available to you that you would need to have an amazing experience. Food and drinks, music, jewelry, hair accessories, laughter, and above all... AMAZING FASHION SENSE!

4. We Make Parents AND Seniors Happy!

Yeah, the trendy stuff is cool, and no one does it better than us, but we also understand that parents and grandparents want beautiful, timeless images as well. We deliver both in the same session. We stress this during the consultation, this expereince has to be an event that everyone is involved in and support. The fashionista, wind-blown look on a hot pink, tufted background might be cool for you, but Mom probably doesn't want that on her wall for the next 20 years. There are no worries when you choose our studio, we take care of everyone from beginning to end. Our customer service is surpassed by no one. Satisfaction is guarenteed. (Honestly... the moms have just as much fun during the sessions as their kids.)

5. The TRUTH? Anywhere Else is a Compromise!

Our photographers have won INTERNATIONAL photography awards for their senior portraits. We are State Professional Photography Leaders who teach other photographers how to do it... No other photography studio in the tri-state has the knowledge, experience, and creativity to do what we do for each and every senior. Don't settle and go with the trend-followers, be BOLD and choose the TREND-SETTERS!

YEAH, I said it....